Monobeach Air Lounger Sofa with Carry Bag (Pink)

Monobeach Air Lounger Sofa with Carry Bag (Pink)

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  1. [Easy to Carry]: Only 2.8Ib weight but itcan bear 440Ib,102*30inchs long,package is 16*10*4inches.You can take it to anyoutdoor and indoor activities such as swimming party and family camping if you like. 
  2.  [Easy to Use]: If you stay at home,the fanis the best choice to inflating Air sleeping sofa ;Also you can search ‘AirSofa’ in YouTube. 
  3.  [Relaxing & Sleeping]: Polyester and PEBags inner. Inflated for 4-6 hours.Air bag is your best choice to sleeping andrelaxing,when you tired. 
  4.  [Note]: Please avoid sharp objects andfire.The color of pictures is different while they display on different screen.[Shipping Fast & Best Services]: If youhave any problem,please don’t hesitate contact us and Amazon service. 

Monobeach Air Inflatable sofa isthe best choice to enjoy your life if you feel tired.

Warm weather is coming and thatmeans spending more time outdoors. Whether you're doing more camping, hiking 

lounging around the beach, you'll need something to sit and lie on duringthose times. 

Functions in life: 

Enjoy it at home

Simply fill it with fan air, it isyour chair, your sofa, your bed. 

If you don't need it, just let theair go and fold the bag, it would not take your place at all. 

 1. As a chair, it is much softerthan normal one. 

 2. As a sofa, it is a good placefor kids' playing. 

 3. As a bed, just sleep yourdifferent dreams... 

Enjoy it outdoors 

Take all your familyand enjoy the time outdoors. Our Sleeping Air Bag is a very good company foryou.

1. You can lay it down on theground or grass as blanket. 

 2. It can be your chair so that youdon't have to sit down on the ground or grass. 

 3. It can be your bed to enjoy anap outside with nature. 

Enjoy it at the beach 

you will be the focus at the beach,as you would find out: 

all others eager for one piece ofSleeping Air Bag like yours. 

What you only have to do is: dowhat you like, let the sunshine touch on your skin, slowly by slowly, you arein the dream; 

When you wake up:Aha, your dream girl (man) is just watching you...


A.Please don't make circles whenyou inflate it again wind, because the bag is so long that you will be easilytripped over by it. 

B.Please don't jump on it to ensureits long lifetime. 

C.Please keep it away from hardobjects or any sharp things. 

D.Due to the different computermonitors and lighting effects, the product's colors may be different with thepictures. 

Best service and quality fromMonobeach Family.